The Coconut Scrubbers

The soft and mean Coconut Scrubber by NaturAisle will take you to a new level of ♻️ zero waste cleaning. It is biodegradable, compostable  and will last for months delivering a superior clean in your home.

These coconut scrubbers are produced in one of the leading coconut producing states in India under fair trade practices. 

Since these coconut scrubbers are just coconut fibers and natural rubber latex, there are no environmentally harmful additions in them anyway. During manufacturing, one residue in the value chain is used as a raw material for another process and so on, ensuring that the process is very sustainable by itself.

The Scrubber comes in 3 sizes (4x3 inches, 4x6 inches, and 4 inches diameter) packed in free-tree paper (non derived from wood), making sure that the entire product is as sustainable as possible.

They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Check our blog for more information about our Coconut Scrubbers.