Customer Asks: Where do your Coconut Scrubbers come from? and are you a fair work place company?

Most of our customers have asked us about The Scrubber. Whether it was manufactured in a sustainable way and under fair trade practices. The answer to these questions is a big YES!!!

The raw material (coconuts) are produced with the whole process of converting them into fibers and then into scrubbers happens in the region of Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu State in India. Moreover, the organization that is responsible for this process is a company founded and run by a woman entrepreneur.
The entire process of coconut scrubbers is made very responsibility and sustainable. Bear in mind that we are talking about just coconut fibers and natural rubber latex, with no environmentally harmful additions in them. One residue in the coconut value chain is used as a raw material for another process and so on.
We received an statement from the company regarding its fair work place environment practices that we would like to share with you,
1) We do not employ under-aged and/or bonded labor
2) We offer regular time bounded work (9.45 am to 6.30 pm)
3) Provide comfortable working environment
4) Training on safety, quality control and workplace ethics
5) Offer our employees par-market salary, bonus for Diwali festival and other remuneration
6) Weekly and monthly off's
7) Free food & beverage refreshments at work place
8) Promotions, Best Performer recognition etc.,..."

We hope we did address any doubts you may have on the origin and manufacturing process of our scrubbers.  Your worry for scratches is long gone and your love for the Planet is there by saying goodbye to the harmful plastic and synthetic scrubbers forever. Say hello to the eco-friendly coconut scrubber!

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