What Is a Konjac Sponge? (And Why It’s Worth Trying!)

Konjac Sponges: What They Are and How to Use Them

Konjac sponges - you’ve probably heard of them and have definitely seen them being used by beauty gurus and the skincare obsessed on your Instagram feed. If you haven’t heard of these amazing little sponges, it’s time! The Sponge is a sustainable and vegan-friendly beauty tool that can give you your best skin ever, seriously! It’s simple - no fancy bells and whistles - and promises gorgeous, glowing, radiant skin naturally just by washing your face!


What Is It?

This squishy, tear-shaped (or sometimes dome-shaped) sponge is a far cry from the type of sponge you keep on your kitchen sink! A konjac sponge is made from the fibers of the root of the Konjac plant. 

Konjac Plant RootThese porous veggies are grown in Asia and were first cultivated and used by Japanese farmers as a gentle way to cleanse their baby’s skin. They are super gentle and non-irritating so they’re a great option for someone with sensitive skin or for someone who is acne-prone. A konjac sponge can be used on the face or body (and any skin type) to exfoliate and hydrate dry, dull skin. They also come in a multitude of different colors, signifying different active ingredients!

How Do You Use One? 

Step aside lowly wash cloths, makeup wipes and erasers if you pretend to be an exfoliator!!! (Bear in mind that washcloths are great for other stuff than exfoliating. Check out our The Face Towel for a better explanation of what a eco-friendly wash cloth should do!!!)

We’ve got a new gentle exfoliator in town — The Sponge! Think of your new squishy colored sponge as a method for removing sticky makeup, impurities and dead skin cells, naturally! Keep in mind, konjac sponges harden when they dry; to rehydrate your sponge simply stick it into the sink or shower for a couple minutes to let it soften before use. Here’s how to make the most out of your new exfoliating sponge… 

  • Squeeze out excess water.

    This is self-explanatory but make sure your sponge isn’t holding too much excess water! 

    • Use twice daily.

      Konjac sponges are extremely gentle so don’t worry about over-exfoliating or them being too harsh for daily use. Opt for a light cleanse in the morning and a deeper cleanse right before bed to ensure you’re removing all of the days buildup. While you don’t need to use your sponge with a cleanser, we recommend using The Sponge in combination with The Puck - our beautifully natural line of triple milled facial soaps - that hydrate and moisturize with a boost of essential oil goodness! 

      • Massage into skin using circular motions.

        If using on your face, use light circular motions. This motion will gently lift and remove impurities, makeup and any other grit and grime leftover from the day! The unique shape of The Sponge makes it great for reaching tricky areas like around the nose and your delicate under eyes. 

        • Rinse clean.

          Rinse your sponge between each use, squeeze out excess water and hang dry. - - Oh, wait!!! where should I hang it? 

          - We've got you covered with The Station

          • Replace your sponge.

            Since The Sponge is made up of natural material, it is best to replace every couple weeks. We recommend tossing your old one every month. 

            • Compost it!

              Yep, you read that right; The Sponge is 100% biodegradable meaning you can place your old, used konjac sponge in the compost bin! Safe for your skin and the environment!


              Benefits of Our Konjac Sponge

              It’s time to revolutionize your beauty game and incorporate The Sponge into your daily rotation of beauty essentials! “Why?” you might ask. Here’s a quick list of all the benefits you can reap from including this mighty little sponge into your beauty repertoire: 

              • Great for any skin type
              • Extremely gentle
              • Gives you radiant, glowing skin
              • Unclogs pores, removes blackheads
              • Eliminates excess sebum
              • Hydrates dull, dry skin
              • Natural and non-toxic
              • No harsh chemicals come in contact with your skin


                So, now you know everything you need to know about konjac sponges — the who, what and how’s, grab The Sponge and get to cleansing! Your skin will thank you, we promise!

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